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Colostomy Discharge Bag

  • MW34b

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1.Use the water to clean the skin around stoma. 2.A hole of 25mm have been advanced open in the baseplate,the sufferer can cut a hole at the baseplate at basis of kind if stoma. 3.Remove the protection paper at the baseplate. 4.Put the baseplate which have been cut well aimed at the stoma and stick on unclitly,press it down lightly by using the finger,make the glue tray stick on well.Note:the two microtias which include the hole and the sash at the parallel direction. 5.Blow little air into the bag before fixing the bag in order to prevent the wall of the pocket bing sticked on .Then hold the cutting sleeve aimed at the wedge seat using the two hands,from the bottom,the finger press it carefully along the cutting sleeve,make wedge seat and the cutting sleeve solid absolutely. 6.When have to change the bag,put one finger to press on baseplate,another finger to press the middle,little protruding of the cutting sleeve and pull forth,unbolt the bag. 7.Use one finger to press the skin another finger to tear out baseplate carefully.When have to change the baseplate.

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