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Gynecology aspirator

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Additional Description

Gynecology aspirator is a novel,high vacuum,high flow,small-sized medical suction unit. It is internded for abstetrical operation such as early artificial interruption of pregnancy and removal of the residua after postparturn in various hospital or health care facilities.It is also adequate for other surgery suction when equipped with matching catheters. Features: 1.Oil-less vacuum source with a high flow,double piston cylinder,pump needs maintenance free and easy service. 2.Large-bore bottles made of PC plastics with high quality,convenient to clean,using safely,especially adequate for field or/and transprot use.The liquid filter can be assembled according to the requirement for sample selected in clinic. 3.The overflow protection device is intended to prevent liquid or solid particles from entering the intermediate tubing;the air filter can reduce contamination to the environment. 4.The back-valve fitted in the pipe system makes it more safety and reliable to operate during halting,and the vacuum regulator controls the level of vacuum required in clinic by adjusting the regulator knob. 5.Vacuum release valve fitted on the foot-switch uses for adjusting the vacuum from high to low when halting,and also uses for the pressure releasing applied to the patient. 6.The gas circuit controlling system designed strictly makes the setting vacuum level stable and not required to set repeatedly. 7.Stability and durability low noise,safe and reliable to operate. Specifications 1.Max.Vacuum: ≥0.09MPa (680mmHg) 2.Ajustable vacuum range : 0.02MPa - Max.vacuum 3.Flow rate : ≥ 30 L/min 4.Noise :≤60dB(A) 5.Storage bottle :1000mL 6.Power supply : -220V ±10% 50Hz 7.Input :150VA 8.G.W. : 10.5 kg 9.Dimension: 390mm×360mm×420mm

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