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Anesthesia unit
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Anesthesia unit

  • MI7

Additional Description

It is a conventional anaesthesia machine with multifunctions which is composed of basic anaesthesia machine,anaesthesia ventilator and pressure monitorings. MHJ-III B1 is designed with techniques for reliability and safety and adopted a modular system for easier combination with various anaesthesia ventilators and monitorings to enhance its functions. The conventional MHJ-IIIB1 includes a pneumatic-controlled and pneumatic-driven anaethesia machine SC-M3A1,an anaesthesia circuit model IV and an economic anaestheisa vaporizer DZFG.MHJ-III B1 is suitable for use in various hospitals for closed-anaesthesia,semiclosed anaesthesia and semi-open anesthesia,and for oxygen inhalation during resuscitation. ● A flowmeter with ORC system ensures oxygen concentration not less than 25%. ● With automatic N2O cut-off ● O2 deficiency alarm ● SC-M3A1 anesthesia ventilator,with easy operation and low air consumption ● Top plate intended for all kinds of monitors Main technical specifications: 1.Supply pressure:0.27~0.55MPa 2.Flow control: O2 0.1~10L/min ,N2O 0.1~10L/min 3.ORC system: Oxygen not less than 25% within mixture gas 4.N2O automatic cut-off:Active when oxygen pressure less than 0.1MPa 5.O2 flush:50±10L/min at O2 pressure of 0.45MPa 6.Adjustment concentartion of Enflurane Vaporizer:0~5Vol% 7.Airway pressure limit range(APL): 0.5~7kpa 8.SC-M3A1 anaesthesia ventilator working type:Pneumatic-controlled and pneumatic-criven,time cycle,volume constant 9. Ventilation frequency:6~40L/min 10. Minute volume:3~18L/min 11. I:E ration:1:1.5 (fixed) 12. Gas consumption:less than 0.8L/min(for control part) 13. Dimensions:516×600×1370(L×W×H) 14. Weight:60kg 15. No need of power supply. Only compressed oxygen for pneumatic driving and pneumatic control.

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