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Automatic stomach cleaning machines
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Automatic stomach cleaning machines

  • MM63

Additional Description

Automatic Gastric Lavage Automatic Gastric Lavage Apparatus a modem and deal lavage apparatus,is intended for saving lives of patients who have taken poison or had toxic food in emergency cases and also for gastric lavage before operation in hospital or first-aid station.It adopts advanced pressure feed-back system to perform automatic gastric lavage reliably. 1.The working system of the unit powered by diaphragm pump carries out the function of rinese and suction by controlling circuit to lavage through out. 2.Pressure sensor and CPU are applied to the electrical control,which makes the conversion between rinse and suction more safe and reliable. 3.Conversion jars of quantitative volume type make the liquid capacity of suction and rinse more stable. 4.Commutator and pressure control system make the pipeline staightway. 5.The states of counter and simulation pressure shown on operation board enhanced the function of interface between user and machine,which enables operator to know the status of gastric lavage. 6.The manual liquid capacity balance device can solve the problem of imbalance between rinse capacity and suction resulting from the difference between the substances inside the stomach. 7.Compact,light and handy,operating facilely,performances of high quality,safe and reliable. Specifications 1.Flow rate:≥2L/min 2.Rinse capacity:250-350ml; Suction Capacity:350-450ml 3.pressure control: positive & negative setting level 47-67kpa 4.Noise:≤60dB(A) 5.Cycle of lavage:<20s 6.Power supply: -220v±10%,50Hz 7.Input:110VA 8.G.W.:12kg Dimension:500mm×420mm×310mm

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