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B/W Ultrasonic diagnostic system
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B/W Ultrasonic diagnostic system

  • MH12

Additional Description

B/W Ultrasonic diagnostic system It with reasonable design and advanced technology,which adopts FPGA,CPLD,CMOS,SMT,etc for execllect performance.Hy3100 B/W ultrasonic diagnostic system with sharp image can connect various multi-frequency probes to satisfy clinical needs.It applies lots of advanced intermational digital image process technology and software technology including two probes connectors,probe switching automatically,pre-zoom of dynamic,broad band and low noise,double echoprocess technologyCDA,CDF,dynamic filter,TGC,part zoom,in real time,frame correlation,DSC,etc.The equipment is suitable to examine abdomen,gynecology,OB/GYN,car diac and small parts,which is ideal equipment for hospitals at different levels in towns and countryside. Advanced probe technology Working in the frequency from 2.5MHz- 8.5MHz,six kinds of multi-frequency probes can be equipped to meet the needs of clinic. Scanning Mode: B, B/B, B/M, M, varied magnifications and the image is scrollable. Focus: Electronic focusing+ Acoustic lens focusing, single focus and multiple focus are provided lmage Procesing:part zoom in real time,y adjustment, window curv control, STC curve,edge enhancement,dynamic range,frame correlation,256 gray scale,cine loop and image storage,image reverse function Measuring: distance, perimeter,area, volume, heart rate, depth, time,speed,LV(Left ventricle),AO(Aorta),MV(Mitral Valve),RV/LV,GS,BPD,CRL,FL,HL,TAD,LV,OFD,AC,HC,Preg nant week and fetal weight lt has OB report and LMP functions. Character Display: Name of hospital,ID number, date, time,guage,measuring value,probe types and frequency, scanning direction,display mode,multiple-ratio,focus,probe position,60 body marks,gray scale,puncture guide line,image process information and notes Additional Function: screen protects and probe protects,light keyboard,permanent storage and softwarr upgrade function Video Out: PAL,SVGA Standard Configuration:Main unit with SVGA,2.5-5MHz convex probe,256 frames cine loop, Option Configuration:2.5-5MHz convex heart probe(HY7202C3R15), 5-7.5MHz convex vaginal probe(HY7223C6), 2.5-5MHz linear abdominal probe(SJN7211L3A), 3.5-6.5MHz linear rectal probe(HY7201L5), 6.5-8.55MHz linear facial probe(HY7222L7), B/W video printer, 16 or 32 frames image storage card Advanced probe technology Working in the frequency from 2.5MHz- 8.5MHz,six kinds of multi-frequency probes can be equipped to meet the needs of clinic.

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