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Colored multi-parameter monitor
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Colored multi-parameter monitor

  • MG106

Additional Description

Colored multi-parameter monitor It is developed with the imported OEM component,accessories,and 10’4 TFT LCD screen importe.This high-tech product is intelligentized and portable.In erery condition this instrument ensure you to conveniently and accurately acquire the patients’ parameters and waveforms such as electrocardiogram,blood pressure,hemophoric index,breath,temperature,pulse and so on.(Fourparameter type monitor is unable to acquire breath and temperature). Major specification: 1.ECG Monitor CMRR:≥100dB Range of Heart Rate:30-254BMP Measurement of S-T Section:-0.8mV-+0.8mV Range of Frequency Response:0.05-100Hz for diagnosis,0.5-40Hz for monitoring,1-25Hz for surgery Gain Type:automatic and manual 2.Oxygen Satureation of Blood(SPO2) Measuring Ragne:0-100% Pulse Rata:30-254 BMP 3.Non-invasive Blood Pressure(NIBP) Measuring units:both Kpa and mmHg are available Systolic pressure:4.0-33.3Kpa or 30-250mmHg Diastolic pressure:1.3-30.0Kpa or 10-225mmHg Average pressure:2.7-31.3Kpa or 20-235mmHg Automatic measuring cycle:2-120 minutes, adjustable 4.Respiratory system RESP Measuring mode:chest impedance method or nasal tube mode Measuring Ragne:Adults:0-120 BMP, Children:0-130 BPM 5.Temperature Measuring range:25℃-45℃ 6.Print Print mode:timed parameter,printing,alarming printing Mode of printer:National KX-P1121(Optional) 7.All the parameters can be set & alarm.It has 72 hours trend-chart and trend-table. 8.Protective Function All leaders have the protective function ogainst vibration.Its electrome has high frequency noise immunity & protects electrosurgical equipment. 9.Power Intelligentized Power Manage System, Uninterrupted Autoswitch between AC and DC, LI Battery,continuously work over 2hrs,auto recharge. 10.Safety Standard Meets the GB9706.1-1995 STANDARD,all CF

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