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Cotton adhesive elastic bandage
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Cotton adhesive elastic bandage

  • MC207

Additional Description

Cotton adhesive elastic bandage Characteristics : 1.Cotton and spandex woven fabric 2.Nature latex coating which give adhesive properties. 3.Width and length can be made as required 4.Water resistant, non-loosen as it sweats 5.8 colours available Benefits : 1. air permeable, skin-friendly, non-slip. Therefore, comfortable for users 2. Good elasticity, provide strong and controlled support 3. strong stickiness; leave no residue 4. water resistant. non-loosen as it sweats 5. hand tears which make it easy and conveniently for users Purpose for use (please consult a doctor before use) 1. compression wrap 2. fixation bandage for padding, knee brace, and cold packs. 3. as a relief dressing in case of distortions ad ligaments, contusions, sprains and bruising 4. compression bandage for hemostasis, varicosity, edema control 5. Securing pad and dressings specification : 2.5*450cm, 5*450cm, 7.5*450cm, 10*450*cm, 12.5cm*450cm, 15*450cm


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