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ECG Conductive Gel
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ECG Conductive Gel

  • MK35

Additional Description

ECG Conductive Gel Main materials:Water-soluble high polymer. Purpose:ECG Conductive Gel is used in conjunction with Rubber Electrodes to provide a medium for the current to flow effectively from the electrode to the skin. Characteristics:ECG Conductive Gel is chloride free electrolyte which is nonallergenic, odorless,water-soluble and non-staining.It spreads easily and evenly and will not dry out under the electrodes(as water can).Conductivity Gel can be either be applied to the electrode or directly on the skin,and can be easily and completely removed using a tissue. An Adhesive Conductivity Gel is also available(Tac Gel),which eliminates the need for taping electrodes down,and assures uniform prolonged contact between the electrodes and the skin. Tac Gel can be easily and completely removed from the skin using warm soapy water. Term of Validity:Three year. Packing:20ml/tube,65ml/tube,250ml/bottle.

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