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emergency operation lamp wiht 3 large refectors Emergency shadowless lamp is better in appearance,quality ,illuminating source and design than the 4E and 5E.the illuminating source is tungsten- halogen lamp featuring high optical efficiency,low heat radiation and good performace.the large diameter reflaector made with CAD/CAM technology has optimized curved face which allows the single reflector offering shadowless result.the surface is covered with vacuum coating which will never slough.the focus control unit is easy to operate.the handle is made of engineering plastics and dismountable for sterilization purpose. the balancing system has reaso-nable structure. the lamp head can be pulled up-and-down easily.the above features contribute to an illumination environment in comp liance with IEC internation standards. Illuminance:≥60000Lux Temperature:4500±500K of light spot:150±50mm Color rendering index:Ra≥90 Power vo ltage(VAC/DC):-220V±22V 50Hz±1Hz -110V±11V 60Hz±1Hz Rated power capacity of bulb:24 Rated power capacity of bulb(W):50 power consumption(W):150W Duration of extended power supplying(≥hr):≥3hr charge type of storage battery Quick charge and floating charge Rated value of fuse(A)RTT:T1.6AL 250VP

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