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Electric Wash Machine For Stomach
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Electric Wash Machine For Stomach

  • MM66

Additional Description

This machine is designed especially for saving lives of patients who have drunk toxicant or taken toxic food in emergency cases and for washing stomach before operation in hospitals. 1.Compact in structure,novel style,easy to run and convenient to move. 2.Swift and clean to wash the stomach,low in side effect and no injury to the mucosity of the stomach wall. 3.Available for functional control either by hand or automatic and easy to adjust. Specifications 1.Power supply: AC220v±10%,50Hz 2.Input:250VA 3.Volume of flow≥2L/min 4.Automatic control:amount of rinse solution:250-350ml capacity suction:300-450ml amount of suction solution is 50-150ml more than amount of rinse solution 5.Pressure control:positive & negative pressure setting level: 47-67KPa 6.Noise:≤60dB(A) 7.Dimension:540mm×490mm×930mm G.W.:27kg

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