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Electric suction apparatus series
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Electric suction apparatus series

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Additional Description

Diaphragm Type Electric Suction Apparatus It is designed especially for draining purulent blood and other phlegmatic seceretion on operation room and emergency room in hospital. 1.The diaphragm type pump in the aspirator is large in capacity,efficient and needs no lubricating. 2.The pump runs practically with minimum noise. 3.The suction bottle provides automatic over-flow cut-off system preventing liquid from flowing back into the pump. 4.It can be started and kept runing at the maximum negative pressure. (≥0.09MPa) 5.The unit has an ideal volume of suction capacity.the vacuum pressure can be controlled optionally from 0.02-0.09MPa(150-680mmHg). 6.Due to the reasonable arrangement and appropriate height it allows the operator to observe and examine from all direction. 7.It is simple to operate and easy to carry. Specifications 1.Max Vacuum:≥0.09MPa(680mmHg) 2.Free airflow:≥20L/min(in pump exit:≥30L/ min) 3.Liquid storage bottle:2500ml×2 4.Power supply:AC220V±10%,50Hz 5.Input:380VA 6.Dimemsion:530mm×480mm×890mm 7.G.W.:33kg

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