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Electric suction apparatus series
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Electric suction apparatus series

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Additional Description

Low-Vacuum (High flow) Suction Unit is the first generation Low Vacuum/High Flow aspirator that is designed by the Medical Suction Apparatus Factory of SMIC. And it can be used for postoperatively suctioning in gastroenteric, thoracic and celiac cavity or in the Dept. of surgery, internal medicine, and paediatrics. Feactures 1.Safely powered by electromagnetic pump which requires no lubrication or daily maintenance can be continuously used for a long-time. No positive pressure producing, it is secure for patients. 2.Overflow protection device can safely and efficiently prevent the liquid from entering into pump. And the air emitted by the pump is prefiltered by a bacterial filter which provides an effective barrier against contamination and protection to the environment. 3.Vacuum regulator with a locked set can be optionally regulated according to requirements. And it can efficiently prevent the regulator knob moving by mistake. 4.Autoclavable, transparent plastic bottle is more convenient for disassembly, cleaning and carrying. 5.Body made of plastic material is light, compact, and convenient for carrying and operating, Specifications 1.Max. vacuum: 17KPa~20KPa (128mmHg~150mmHg) 2.Vacuum range: 2kPa(15 mmHg),Max. vacuum 3.Flow rate: ≥25L/min 4.Noise: ≤55dB(A) 5.Jar capacity: 1000mL (polycarbonate) 6.Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50Hz 7.Power input: 100VA 8.G.W.: 6.3kg; N.W.: 4.3 9.Dimension:21×14×30 Response Time: Around 1 minute Range:32.0℃ - 42.9℃(90.0 ºF - 109.9 ºF) Accuracy:±0.1℃,35.5℃ - 42.0℃(±0.2ºF,95.9 ºF-107.6 ºF) ±0.2℃ below 35.5℃ or over 42.0℃(±0.4 ºF below 95.9 ºF or over 107.6 ºF) Display: Liquid crystal display, 3 1/2 digits Last Reading Memory,Fever Alarm,Auto-Shutoff Battery: One 1.5 V button battery included Battery life: About 2 years for average using

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