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Face mask

  • MC81

Additional Description

Face mask DM0401 A-23F-C Meeting the international quality criteria (Europe); EN149; 2001; CE0121. Made with four-play material. High-efficient adsorption. Strong electrostatic, filtering material. Manufactured with active carton cloth. The breather valve makes your breath easy by reducing heat accumulation. The built-in silica gel dustproof flake ensures a sound sealing. Adjustable aluminium strip bandage with built-in foam cushion. Suitable for various face-shapes with comfortable sealing. The high-efficient adsorption and dustproof make it more effective in such conditions as in adsorbing and dispelling organic gas and acid and bad smells, and in preventing stimulating poisonous and stink gases. It is applicable in harsh work conditions as in chemical industry and pesticide, solvent cleaning, paint spraying and printing, ink and dyeing.

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