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Hemodialysis Catheters
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Hemodialysis Catheters

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Additional Description

Hemodialysis catheters are single-lumen or multiple-lumen catheters that provide temporary vascular access for hemodialysis until a permanent access is available or until another type of dialysis is substituted. The multiple lumen catheters contain two large bore lumens that are connected to the dialysis machine to form a complete circuit for the removal and return of the patient’s blood during treatment. Type of Catheter Type of Guide-wire Type of Dilator Type of Introducer Needle 8Fr2×15cm J3F-0.035-50 9F×10cm 18G×7.0cm 8Fr2×20cm J3F-0.035-60 9F×10cm 18G×7.0cm 12Fr2×15cm J3F-0.035-50 10F×15cm;12F×15cm 18G×7.0cm 12Fr2×20cm J3F-0.035-60 10F×15cm;12F×15cm 18G×7.0cm 12Fr2×15cmW J3F-0.035-60 10F×15cm;12F×15cm 18G×7.0cm 12Fr2×20cmW J3F-0.035-70 10F×15cm;12F×15cm 18G×7.0cm 12Fr2×15cmJ J3F-0.035-70 10F×15cm;12F×15cm 18G×7.0cm 12Fr2×20cmJ J3F-0.035-70 10F×15cm;12F×15cm 18G×7.0cm 12Fr3×15cm J3F-0.035-50 10F×15cm;12F×15cm 18G×7.0cm 12Fr3×20cm J3F-0.035-50 10F×15cm;12F×15cm 18G×7.0cm 12Fr3×15cmW J3F-0.035-50 10F×15cm;12F×15cm 18G×7.0cm 12Fr3×20cmW J3F-0.035-60 10F×15cm;12F×15cm 18G×7.0cm

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