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Medical Operation Thin Film
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Medical Operation Thin Film

  • MC196

Additional Description

1.Transparency: The film is ultra thin and high transparent, hence clear observation to surgical operation part. 2.Permissibility: No effect to normal breath of the skin, protection from water building-up under the film, thus reducing infection and providing a germ-free environment for surgical cut. 3.Water & Germ Resistance: Prevention from invasion of water, germ or foul and restrain wandering about of germ during operation. 4.High Elasticity: Compliant binding on skin along body curve, hence reliable binding 5.Low sensitivity & moderate viscosity: no irritation to wound and no injury to skin when removing the dressing. Description for use: Protection of operation parts before and during the operation and prevention from cross infection. specification D1420 14cm × 20cm 20 pcs / box D2030 20cm × 30cm 20 pcs / box D3030 30cm × 30cm 20 pcs / box D3045 30cm × 45cm 20 pcs / box D4545 45cm × 45cm 20 pcs / box D4560 45cm × 60cm 10 pcs / box D4565 45cm × 65cm 10 pcs / box DE2030 20cm ×30cm 20 pcs / box DE3030 30cm ×30cm 20 pcs / box DE3045 30cm ×45cm 20 pcs / box DE4545 45cm ×45cm 20 pcs / box DE4560 45cm ×60cm 10 pcs / box DE4565 45cm ×65cm 10 pcs / box The products can be made on customers' request.

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