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Mini-emergency Ventilator
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Mini-emergency Ventilator

  • MI11

Additional Description

High-efficiency: Adopt intermittence positive pressure ventilation(definite volume) mode IPPV.Unique air-and-oxygen mixer can make fractional concentration of O2 in inspired gas (Fi O2) less than 60%,and can be used in manual ventilation for long times.Tidal volume can be regulated at 100-1000ml,to meet various patients’ need.Frequency can be regulated and fixed at 12- 30 times per minute,and with the connection of face guard to provide nowound ventilate.Reduce operation sequence during first aid. Standard configuration: Main device of breathing machine(including air-oxygen mixer,automatic pressure-reducing valve of airway),Small-scale oxygen cylingder,Laryngoscopoe,Phlegm sucking device,Humidifier,Jaw Sperader,extention,line,the union pipe of phlegm-sucking(wet),oxygen bridge,spanner of oxygenation,face guard,Nasal Oxygen Cannual with tubing,endotracheal tube. Physical Parameter: Weight of main device:0.7kg Volume of main device:170x78x72mm Weight of gas cylinder:4kg Breathing mode:the interinttence positive pressure ventilation(IPPV) mode Minute volume of ventilation:4-20L/min Respiratory rate:12-30 times(adjustable in succession perimted difference:± 15% I/E ratio:1:2 Reverse flow pressure of airway:<5kPa(regular) Tidal volume:100-1000ml per time(adjustable in succession) Indication range of airway manometer:-2-10kPa Volume of the gas cylinder:3.2L Flow of air supply of gas cylinder: 0-5 L/min Oxygen storage pressure for gas cylinder:14.7MPa Continuous working time of gas cylinder:Around 90 min oxygen concentration:<60% Practibility: Adopt the advanced pneumatic principle to design.Small and light,it is unnecessary of electricity.The adaper compatibility of the air supply is wide,it can join center oxygen-supply system,large or small oxygen cylinder,Plug and use at discretion.Adopt whole packaging in small-scale container,wit h small-scale gas cylinder inside,it is more convenient to carry and use.This product is suitable for first aid out of hospital,transportation of patients after the operation and critical patient’ transport in or out of hospital. Security: The pressure of airway is showed directly. The airway pressure monitor can guarantee ventilation quality and security in the course of using.The airway presure can be reduced automatically for protection(number of the patent:99214244).The airway pressure will be kept under 50cm H2O,and will be reduced automatically if reaching 50cm H2O,to avoid injuring patients’ lungs by incorrect operation.

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