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Multifunctional anesthesia unit
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Multifunctional anesthesia unit

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Additional Description

Multifunctional anesthesia unit Specifications: Suitable for:Adult,pediatrics Driving method:Gas driven electrically controlled Ventilation modes:IPPV,SIPPV,SIMV,PEEP Tidal volume:50-1200ml Max insp flow:18L Respiratory rate:5-60bpm I:E1:0.5,1:1,1:1.5,1:2.0,1:2.5,1:3.0 Max pressure:≤6kPa PEEP:0.1-1.2kPa Sigh volume:not less than 1.5 times of tidal volume Upper airway pressure limit:1.0kPa-5.4kPa Lower airway pressure limit ≥0.5kPa Continuous work after mains interruption O2 suply speed:35L/min-75L/min Features: Anesthesia apparatus:Equipped with 2 vaporizers namely Enflurane and isoflurane,which can be used altematively.Vaorizer has the function of temperature control,flow and pressure compensation.With an induction- lamp,and easy to adjust. Flow meter range:O2-N2O interlock with high precision. O2:0.1-10L/min,N2O:0.1-10L/min,Air:0.1-10L/min Integrated circuit system:power cutout protection device,UPS rechargeable battery back up 2 hours after mains supply having been cut. Ventilator: Gas driven electrically controlled,time switch,volume constant and pressure restriction. Monitor:Large screen LCD display with high brightness and wide visual angle,microcomputer control,multifunctional respiration monitor,montoring tidal volume,vertiatory volume,gas-feeding pressure,airway pressure,respiratory frequency,P-T and P-V waves etc. Safety device: Alarm upon power having been cut:N2O is cut off automatically if O2 is insufficient,alarm upon the excess of upper & lower airway pressure limit and ventilatory volume.It can be assembied with ECG monitor and Monitor for O2 concentration. Optional:UPS. Optional:Penlon vaporizer or Perlong vaporizer.

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