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Orthopaedic Padding

  • MC199

Additional Description

◆Description: Orthopeadic padding is the wide-used supporting material for surgery and swaddling of plaster of paris bandages. Made of natural or synthetic non-woven fabrics or cotton. ◆Advantages Soft,smooth and conformable to the body's shape.It is tearable and featherable,has low moisture retention,and is porous enough to allow air circulation and to reduce skin irritation. ◆Indications It can be used under all types of casting materials,providing effective,comfortable and safe casting ◆Package Each bandage is wrapped in a poluethylene sleeve,twelve bandages are packed in a sealed polyethylene bag. ◆Specifications Art number Specifications(cm) MC199-P.B.N-31111 5*270 MC199-P.B.N-31121 7.5*270 MC199-P.B.N-31131 10*270 MC199-P.B.N-31151 15*270 MC199-P.B.N-31161 20*270 MC199-P.B.N-31112 5*300 MC199-P.B.N-31122 7.5*300 MC199-P.B.N-31132 10*300 MC199-P.B.N-31152 15*300 MC199-P.B.N-31162 20*300

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