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Orthpaedic Fiberglass Casting Tape
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Orthpaedic Fiberglass Casting Tape

  • MC204a

Additional Description

NICE-CAST is made of polyurethane resin with synthetic fabric, which hardens when exposed to water. It is the newest, non-plaster,casting tape and has largely replaced ordinary plaster of Paris tape. When soaked in water, it hardens and sets in 10 minutes. It will be strong enough to bear weight after 30 minutes.Cast made of NICE-CAST is strong ,light,porous,water resistaes, and washing causes no deformation. NICE-CAST tape could be used in most cases of fractures and other orthopedic conditions, where casting with plaster of Paris is indicated ,it could also be used in artifcial limbs and other orthopedic bracing purposes. SIZE: 2"X4 Yards(5.0cmx3.6m) 3"X4Yards(7.5cmx3.6m) 4"X4 Yards(10.0cmx3.6m) 5"X4Yards(12.5cmx3.6m)

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