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Sel f -dest roying syringe
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Sel f -dest roying syringe

  • MW160c

Additional Description

Spec:1ml,2ml,3ml,5ml,10m,20ml A plastic awl is placed in the syringe cyringe cylinder;plastic film is placed top of the syringe poston:a sfety lockis placed near the plunger; and the rubber cavity is in the shape of a waist drum with an elastic wall.Remove the safety lock befor injection and the elastic capsule can continur to push forward.when the poston reaches the botton upon completion of injecton,the awl at the botton of the syringe cyringes cylinder stabs the plastic film of the piston throgh the capsule nozzle to ruin the syringe by mading it leak,which ensures that the syringe self-destructs and therefore is disposed.

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