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Semi Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
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Semi Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

  • MA189

Additional Description

1. Display system: digital display of the large liquid crystal screen 2. Measuring method : Oscillometric method 3. Atmospheric pressure range: 0~300mmHg (0-40Kpa) 4. Blood pressure measurig range: 40mmHg-240mmHg (5.4Kpa~32Kpa) 5. Pulse rate range: 40-160/min 6. Measuring accuracy: Atmospheric pressure ± 0.4Kpa 7. Pulse rate accuracy : within ±5% 8. Pressurization: manual inflation 9. Deflation: automatic exhaust 10. Pressure measuring: silicon intergrated pressure sensor 11. Memory: seven groups 12. Power source: four festivals of 1.5V, 5 type alkaline battery 13. Environmental temperature for using 10~40℃, 30~75%RH 14. Environmental temperature for storage: -20~60℃, 10~95%RH 15. Weight: 0.7Kg 16. Machine size: 130mm×104mm×46mm 17. Arm belt: arm beleaguer 22-33cm suitable Traits the products adopt the technology of American Motorola 18. It has large screen and liquid crystal count display screen of high definition 19. Meantime it is a new automatic electronic blood pressure. The products adopts the scientific " show wave" measurement principle, little error, strong anti-interference, high measurement precision. It can measure the high pressure, low pressure and the rhythm of the heart. It has seven groups of memory funvtions

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