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Single Channel Electrocardiograph
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Single Channel Electrocardiograph

  • MK1

Additional Description

Feature: High resolution thermal array printer High frequency response reach to 150Hz Capable of printing continuous one channel trace and annotations including lead mark and such parameters as sensitivety,paper speed,and filter operation status High resolution digital filter aviod baseline drift,AC,EMG,DFT One-touch operation able to enhance efficiency and relieve operating strain Safety standard meets IEC.Class I,type CF Visual status due to light indicated touch-keys Rechargeable battery supporting 50 examinations Power off automatically after 5 minutes non-operation Under the automatic mode pressing key MODE continuously can keep recording when abnormal lead is found Specifications Lead:Standard 12 leads Input circuit:Isolated input circuit with protection against pacemaker and defibrillator Patient leakage current:<10μA Input impedance:≥50MΩ Calibration voltage:1mV±2% Frequency responce:0.05-150Hz Time constant:>3.2s CMRR:>100dB EMG filter:35Hz(-3dB)/25Hz(-3dB) Sensitivity:5,10,20mm/mV±3% Printer:high resolution thermal array printer Paper speed:25,50mm/s Recording paper:thermal printing paper roll 50mmx20m Input circuit current:≤50nA ECG output:1V/mv±5%,single ended output≤100Ω Safety level:IEC class I,type CF Power requirements:AC:220/110V,50/60Hz,15 VA DC:12V rechargeable battery Polarizing voltage:±500mV Baseline control:auto-adjustable Noise level:≤15μVp-p Dimension:310x230x70mm Dimension of packing:410x280x200mm N.W:2.69kgs G.W:4.65kgs

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