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Six Channel ECG Machine
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Six Channel ECG Machine

  • MK17

Additional Description

Features: Digital isolation technology and signal processing ensured the signal reliability Histogram and trend chart for R-R interval analysis Detail analysis report and representative beats are beneficial to diagnose Languages options:English,Russian and Chinese USB and LAN port for real-time data transmit to PC The large 5.7 inches LCD brightness and contrast are adjustable Unique shuttle design,easier and faster to operate Paper shortage alarming and economy mode save printing cost Inputting name & age of patient and medication choosing by operator Optional SD card supporting the maximum data capacity of 2GB,up to 10000 copies of patient data storage Specifications Lead:Standard 12 leads,simultanous acquisition Input circuit:Floating circuit input Input impedance:>50MΩ Patient leakage current:<10μA Input circuit current:≤0.1μA Calibration voltage:1mV±3% Frequency responce:0.05-150Hz Time constant:≥3.2s CMRR:>60dB,>100dB(with AC interference filter) Filter:AC,EMG,DFT Sensitivity:2.5,5,10,20mm/mV Noise level:<15μVp-p Power requirements: AC:100-240V,50/60Hz,50VA, DC:14.8V rechargeable Li-ion battery Safety level:IEC class I,type CF Display:320x240LCD with backlight Operation mode:Automatic or manual Analysis function:ECG parameters auto-measure,autoanalysis Printer:high resolution thermal array printer Paper speed:5,10,25,50mm/s Recording paper: 112mmx27m roll paper 110mmx140mmx20m fan-fold paper Dimension:290x245x99mm N.W:4.6kgs

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