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Three Channel Intepretive ECG Machine
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Three Channel Intepretive ECG Machine

  • MK16a

Additional Description

3 channels real time print, width of paper 80mm 12 leads ECG signals simultaneously acquisition Acquisition rate: 1000 samples/sec/channel High resolution thermal printer, frequency response: 0.05-150 Hz Digital filters eliminate EMG, AC, Drift interference Simple operation with quick color keys Indication of electrodes off or poor connection,LCD display Conformity standards: IEC, 1-CF type Power supply with AC/DC internal Ni-MH batteries Lead: 12 leads, Standard or Cabrera Acquisition mode: 12 leads simultaneously acquisition Sampling rate: 1 KHz,A/D converter: 12 bits Recording mode: AUTO1~ AUTO4, MANUAL, Long term(60sec) Parameter measurement: Heart rate, etc Filter: AC(50Hz or 60Hz, -20dB),EMG(25Hz or 35Hz, -3dB),Drift(0.5Hz, -3dB) CMRR: >80dB, >100dB( with AC filter in use) Input circuit current: ≤ 0.1uA,Input impedance: �5M (DC~60Hz) Time constant: ≥3.2s,Frequency Response: 0.05~150Hz Noise level: �15 uVp-p,Threshold: ≤ 20uV,Sensitivity: 5,10,20mm/mV±5% Calibration voltage: 1mV±5%,Input circuit: floating input circuit Patient current leakage: <10uA,Protection: Protect from defibrillation and pace making

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