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Transcutaneous jaundice detector
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Transcutaneous jaundice detector

  • MI29

Additional Description

Transcutaneous juandice detector is using optical fiber and optical technology. Electronic and information processing technology which is small and light in appearence. Specification: Checking methods:Compare the blue and green light Indication:Two-figure LED digital display(A),Three-figure LED digital display(one decimal digits)(B,C) Readable:Switch the measured value into the bilirubin value according to the comparative table(A),Test the bilirubin value directly by the forehead of baby(B,C) Average counting:No(A,B),Can calculate the measured average values for 2-5 times automatically(C) Test deviation:0-20±1 21-40±2(A),0-15±1 16- 25±1.5(B,C) Light resource:Xenon-flashing light Power supply:Nickel xenon battery No.5 of 4 pieces(A),Nickel xenon battery group 4.8V(B,C) Prepare time of start-up:10s(A,B),5s(C) Charger:Input 220V 50Hz Output 6V 0.3ADC Checkout:White screen indicates 00 or 01 yellow screen indicates 20.0±1 Weight:About 340g(A),About 245g(B),About 190g(C) Volume:171x74x41mm(A),163x66x37mm(B),161x53x3 0mm(C) If the technical specification of above product changed,please consult to the sales representative.

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