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Transparent Island Dressing
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Transparent Island Dressing

  • MC194

Additional Description

Features: 1.Transparency: The film is ultra thin and high transparent, hence clear observation to surgical operation part. 2.High absorbability-may absorbs the tissue fluid quickly and do not adhere to the wound. 3.Permissibility: No effect to normal breath of the skin, protection from water building-up under the film, thus reducing infection and providing a germ-free environment for surgical cut. 4.Water and bacteria proof- capabilities keep water, bacteria and dir out so you may continue with your daily routine (e.g. shower and bath) 5.Low sensitivity & moderate viscosity: no irritation to wound and no injury to skin when removing the dressing. 6.High Elasticity: Compliant binding on skin along body curve, hence reliable binding. 7.Ultra-thin and high elasticity-make it comfortable to wear. Description for use: 1)Minor skin abrasion, minor first and second degree burns. Protect the wound site from being contemned and rubbed. Weaken the sensitivity of the nerve endings to reduce the pain. It does not stick to the surface of the wound when it is released. Its waterproof function ensures you to bathe. 2)Surgical wound protection You do not have to remove the dressing to observe the wound site, therefore it does not irritate the wound and it is of light weight and comfort. specification B0405 4cm×5cm 30pcs / box B0607 6cm×7cm 30pcs / box B0607-X 6cm×7cm 30pcs / box B0607D 6cmx7cm B1012 10cm×12cm 20pcs / box B1012-X 10cm×12cm 20pcs / box B1520 15cm×20cm 20pcs / box B1025 10cm×25cm 20pcs / box The products can be made on customers' request


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