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Transparent Island Dressing
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Transparent Island Dressing

  • MC195

Additional Description

Features: 1. Permissibility:tyhe network structure of spun-laced non-voven cloth can make skin breathe freely,get rid of steam and sweat,thus reducing the occurrence of wound infection effectively. 2. Low sensitization:the medical pressure-sensitive adhesive to bind on skin has moderate viscosity;has no irritation to wound and no injury to skin when removing the dressing. 3. No binding to wound:the absorptive pad with network cover will not stick,and can absorb effusion effectively without any sticking to wound;thus causing no pain when removing the pad. 4. Compliance:being soft,light and elastic,the material can comply with body outline and curves without any obstacle to muscle action Description for use Protects the wound site after surgical operations. Specification: C0607 6cm*7cm 20pcs/box C0910 9cm*10cm 20pcs/box C0915 9cm*15cm 20pcs/box C0920 9cm*20cm 20pcs/box C0925 9cm*25cm 20pcs/box C0930 9cm*30cm 20pcs/box C0935 9cm*35cm 20pcs/box C0940 9cm*40cm 20pcs/box C0945 9cm*45cm 20pcs/box C0950 9cm*50cm 20pcs/box C0612-1 6cm*12cm(eye) 20pcs/box C1010 10cm*10cm 20pcs/box C1015 10cm*15cm 20pcs/box C1020 10cm*20cm 20pcs/box C1025 10cm*25cm 20pcs/box C1030 10cm*30cm 20pcs/box C1035 10cm*35cm 20pcs/box C1040 10cm*40cm 20pcs/box C1045 10cm*45cm 20pcs/box C1050 10cm*50cm 20pcs/box C1212 12cm*12cm 20pcs/box C1212-1 12cm*12cm(drainage) 20pcs/box C1225 12cm*25cm 20pcs/box C1240 12cm*40cm 20pcs/box C1245 12cm*45cm 20pcs/box The products can be made on customers’ request.


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