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Twelve Channel Electrocardiograph
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Twelve Channel Electrocardiograph

  • MK20

Additional Description

Features: Digital isolation technology and signal processing ensured the signal rellability Histogram and trend chart for R-R interval analyisi Detail an alysis report and representative beats are beneficial to diagnose Languages options:English,Russian and Chinese USB and LAN port for real-time data transmit to PC The foldable monitor(0-80 degree)with large 5.7 inches LCD,brightness and contrast are adjustable Unique shuttle design,easier and faster to operate Paper shortage alaramng and economy mode save printing cost More patient information available,such as:hight,eight,medication history,illness history,etc. Optional SD card supporting the maximum data capacity of 2GB,up to 10000 copies of patient data storage Specifications Lead:Standard 12 leads,simultanous acquisition Input circuit:Floating circuit input Input impedance:≥50MΩ Patient leakage current:<10μA Input circuit current:≤0.1μA Calibration voltage:1mV±3% Frequency responce:0.05-150Hz Time constant:≥3.2s CMRR:>60dB,>100dB(with AC interference filter) Filter:AC,EMG,DFT Sensitivity:2.5,5,10,20mm/mV Noise level:<15μVp-p Power requirements:AC:100- 240V,50/60Hz,50VA, DC:14.8V rechargeable Li-ion battery Safety level:IEC class I,type CF Display:320x240 pixel LCD with backlight Operation mode:Automatic or manual Analysis function:ECG parameters automeasure, auto-analysis Printer:high resolution thermal array printer Paper speed:5,10,25,50mm/s Recording paper:fan-fold paper(A4 size):210mmx140mmx20m Dimensior:360x325x86mm N.W:6.6kgs

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