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Wrist Type Digital Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
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Wrist Type Digital Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

  • MA151

Additional Description

1. Display system: Digital display system/LCD 7 digits 2. Measuring method: Oscillometric method 3. Power source: "AAA" batteries 1.5V×2 4. Measuring range: 0-280mmHg( Pressure) 40-200pulses/minute( pulse) 5. Accuracy : ±3mmHg(pressure); ±5%(pulse) 6. Pressurization: Auto pressurization 7. Deflation: Auto relese 8. Memory: With following memory option ( Customer can choose one type of the following memory) M150-190, 1×90(save 90 data for one person) M150-250, 2×50(save 50 data for 2 persons each) M150-33-, 30 data for 3 persons each 9. Automatic power off: To be automatically cut off after 2 minutes of non use to save energr 10. Operating environment: 15-25℃, RH≤80% 11. Storage environment: 0-40℃, RH≤80% 12. Unit dimension:69(L)×70(W)×40(H) 13`. Gross Weight: Approx. 150g 14. Packing: 100×83.3×88mm 15. Large digital display 16. One screen display 17. Systolic diastolic pressure and pulse displayed one by one 18. Reminding of blood pressure change tendency 19. Strong function of save and query 20. Time display

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