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  • MG9

Additional Description

This X-ray unit is mobile full-wave x-ray unit.It can perform general radiography and ward radiography.This x-ray unit adopts high voltage silicon full wave commuting technic. Compared with half-wave commuting x-ray unit,it has higher efficiency of the x-ray tube lower power supply requirement and better resolution.It’s electricity consumption is only 2/3 of the half-wave unit which had the shortcomings of high reverse peak voltage. It posses light and audio double indication systems for radiography,which gives the operators and patients more convenience and flexibility.It had the x-ray tube capacity protective indicating devices.When the capacity is over the highest,the exposure doesn’t take place so as to avoid the x-ray tube’s damages in case of the wrong operation during the radiography.It is equipped with a foldable fluoroscopy screen. While performing bedside radiography the arm of the x-ray tube can circumgyrate 90.This x-ray unit with a light mobile cart can be easily brought into wards by the operators for use.It also has remote control for exposure.During radiography,operators can use either hand control or remote control according to the requirements of doctors. Main Technical Data: 1.The unit is of single-focus,whole-wave commuting,oil-innersed,self-cooling,mobile diagnostic-X-ray unit. 2.Maximum ratings Current(mA) Voltagec(kVp) Exposure time(second) 30 90 0.063-5.0 50 90 0.063-1.0 50 80 0.063-2.5 70 70 0.063-1.0 3.Power supply:Voltage:180-250V,Frequency:50Hz,Power line ohm= 0.8Ω Rating:5.5kVA,Current<24A(instant) 4.Timer 0.063-5.0s 20 step electron type 5.X-ray tube focus 2.6mm 6.Maxim height of focal spot from floor >1820mm 7.Minimum height of focal spot from floor <550mm 8.Collimator:Maximum film size at 650mm,Focal distance: 350×350mm 9.Unit moving force:< 5kg,the net weight of the unit:95kg

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