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high-end digital ultrasound imaging system
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high-end digital ultrasound imaging system

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Additional Description

Powerful System Functions: Unique High-Definition Zoom Function:When zooming the ROI, the user can double the acquired data, enabling higher tissue resolution and finer images. User-defined Function Key:The user can assign a frequently-used function (e.g. BPD) on a certain key (e.g. F1), so as to address doctors’preferential clinical demands. PIP (Picture-in-Picture) Function:The user can zoom in any region of interest(ROI), while maintaining the original diagnostic image for reference, to observe the zoomin part clearly, thus diagnostic efficiency is improved. User-defined Function Key:The user can assign a frequently-used function (e.g. BPD) on a certain key (e.g. F1), so as to address doctors’preferential clinical demands. Invertible Image Orientation:Images can be inverted not only up/down/left/right, but also 90°continuously. The doctors may observe images as they prefer, clear at a glance in clinical exchange. Smart Tracing Function:When measuring area or circumference, if the trace is not good, press Backspace to return to the proper place and then continue tracing. IP One-key Optimization:One key for eight-parameter adjustment, easy image optimization. Storage Media:Hard disk, CD, USB disk and DICOM Storage Formats:BMP, JPG, CTS, CIN and AVI Cineloop:Each file has up to 256 frames, play back speed adjustable. Annotation:300 annotations for recall, user-defined annotations allowed. Off-line Diagnostic Function:For off-line review and analysis of diagnostic process. Auto Creation of Report:All the measurement results are entered in the report without inputting manually and an image and file report is created automatically. Extensive Clinical Application and Abundant Software: The system has a wide range of clinical applications and analysis software for Abdomen, Urology, GYN, OB, Small parts, Peripheral vascular, Cardilogy and Orthopedics. OB: GA and EDD can be calculated automatically. More than 15 calculations for fetal weight Fetal growth curves coming from 8 equations Fetal biophy profile Dominant follicle monitoring software and triplet analysis software OB equation setup specific to races, with more accurate diagnostic results Urology: Software includes residual urine measurement, prostate specific antigen density (PSAD), etc. Orthopedics: hip joint measurement High-Density Broadband Five-frequency Probes: The system is configured with high density broadband multi-frequency probes. Probe frequency can be switched quickly by pressing one console button only, enabling doctors to select the right frequency for specific diagnosis and patients. Image resolution and penetration is significantly optimized. Digital Beam Forming Technology Broadband Five-frequency Probes Powerful Document Management System Professional Software Package It is a high-end digital ultrasound imaging system. It adopts highdensity super-broadband five-frequency probes and digital imaging technologies, to achieve clear image quality. Powerful functions and configurations such as large capacity image storage, cineloop, USB ports, dual-probe connectors, 8-TGC, backlit silicon-gel keyboard and non-interlaced monitor are integrated in the system.

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