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steam sterilizer

  • MO7

Additional Description

Fully stainless steel structure Hand wheel type of quick-open door structure Door safety lock system Digital display of working status,touch type key Auto discharge the cool air,and steam discharging automatically sfter sterilization Over temperature & over pressure auto-protection Safe protection of water lacing Self inflating type seal Automatically shut of with beep reminding after sterilization With two stainless sterilizing baskets Possible to install dryingsystem according request Technical Data 35L-I(digital) 50L-I(digital) 75L-I(digital) 100L-I(digital) Chamber volume 35L Φ318*450mm 50LΦ340*550mm 75LΦ400*600mm 100LΦ440*650mm Working pressure 0.22Mpa 0.22Mpa 0.22Mpa 0.14Mpa Working temperature 134℃ 134℃ 134℃ 126℃ Max.working pressure 0.23Mpa 0.23Mpa 0.23Mpa 0.165Mpa Heat average ≤±1℃ Timer 0~99min or 0~99hour59min Adjustment of temperature 105~134℃ 105~126℃ Power 2.5Kw/AC220V.50Hz 3Kw/AC220V.50Hz 4.5Kw/AC220V.50Hz Overall dimension 450*450*1010 510*470*1130 560*560*1120 540*560*1250 Transport dimension 570*550*1150 590*590*1280 650*630*1280 680*630*1370 G.W/N.W 72Kg/56Kg 88Kg/68Kg 100Kg/80Kg 110Kg/85Kg

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