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steam sterilizer

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Additional Description

(MANUAL CONTROL)STAINLESS STEEL VERTICAL STEAM PRESSURE DISINFECTOR Performance and characteristic: All of products are made from stainless steel, which ensures to be durable. Double floor tub for exhaust frame, the impact of sterilization is better Manual adding water, level tube to direct water level Double scale pressure and temperature display meter safe valve auto control the pressure and temperature of sterilization Drain valve can push the water in container, prevent bilge Muti-direction of wheel with brake, easy moving and position Immerge electric heating tube, heat efficiency is better Sterilized temperature 126℃(Normal)121℃(optional) Pressure control 0.14MPa≤P≤0.165MPa(optional)0.1MPa ≤P≤0.125MPa(optional) Model: 50A 75A 75AI Electric supply: 220V/50HZ Power: 3KW 3KW 3.8KW Cubage: 50L 75L 100L Operating temperature 126℃(Normal)121℃(optional) In instrument temperature difference<2℃ Product size (cm): 70x51x82 70x51x93 70x51x104

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